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Not Another Chevron Cutting Board Plan

Not Another Chevron Cutting Board Plan

We couldn't think of a descriptive name for this project. The "Hypnotic" cutting board didn't sound right, neither did the "Mesmerizing" cutting board. And the "Look At This Long Enough and Your Eyes Will Cross" cutting board was out. The only this we knew for sure was this definitely wasn't another "Chevron" cutting board. Nick fashioned this unique design from strips of contrasting wood carefully arranged to create the optical illusion of peering into a long tunnel…sorta. There are other effects too, and it’s hard to decide which one to focus on…if you can focus at all! 8 pages in PDF format, including step-by-step directions and drawings in both English and metric measurements. PLUS you get the plans for both the Assembly Table and the Miter Sled that Nick uses to make the cutting board in our YouTube video.

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This download will contain multiple files in a zipped format, Current Windows and Apple operating systems can easily unzip this file. But should you need a third-party program, we recommend 7-Zip, a free app available from . 

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